In the almond groves of Samarqand

A modern exploration of the ancient Silk Road. At the same time that we are earnest to explore and learn all things we require that all things be mysterious and

Reading shadows: A profile of shaper Chris Jones

They say every gentleman should have a tailor. In this age of mass-produced surfwear it’s almost impossible to be unique. Ok, so a hipster may team a charity cardigan with

Red Cedar Glide

The shapers traditional environment is one of harsh chemical odors and foam dust. Even those with OCD work surrounded by carcinogens and volatiles. It is not a healthy place to

The slabs of Ericeira

Portugal has a massive open secret… Follow Matt Button to discover what is going down. Type ‘Portugal’ and ‘surf’ into the search engine of your choice and you’ll get ‘Peniche’.

The Sepik river of Papua New Guinea

  The crocs that roam these silent slit laden waters take the village children for dinner, snap, snap! Quietly and with a hidden fineness. Without a plip or plop they

A moonlight slide. Scoring after hours in the Outer Hebrides

…Then they headed up to Eoropie on the tip of Lewis. Exposed to the pure anger of the north Atlantic, it was bigger and offshore again, and, of course, no

Clean water, clean conscience: An interview with SAS founder Chris Hines MBE

…We probably wouldn’t have known if it weren’t for the Safer Seas App notification that broke the news. Fistral, Perranporth and St. Agnes faced ‘Live sewage discharge’ while Crantock and

A Line Between the Tides

As the first touches of summer reach the Cornish coast author and photographer Matthew Button will slip quietly away on an outgoing tide, and paddle a SUP out of Plymouth

Sunburnt bliss: Dodging  dictators and dysentery

Kevin Naughton and Craig Peterson are the godfathers of surf exploration. They, along with a few other luminaries like Peter Troy, hacked their way through Central American jungles, dodged dictators

Adventure that shits on your gap year

  When did surfers stop being the adventurers? When did we become tourists? When did hiking through the jungles of Indo become two weeks in Bali? Dirt bag desert sojourns